Student Affairs Office

Welcome to Student Affairs!  

At CIBU we are committed to helping all students succeed, and we have developed a variety of initiatives to achieve that goal. However, YOU are the best resource to share with us what will help you, so please don’t hesitate to connect with us! We’re here to help!

Help With Academics

Each quarter, we offer workshops surrounding topics that have proven to be helpful to our students, such as the basics of Excel, APA guidelines, how to improve your presentation skills, getting accustomed to American Culture, and more.    You’ve landed in the right spot to find out what workshops are being offered and when. In addition, we invite you to make suggestions and let us know what topics you would like to learn more about, that would help you succeed in school.

Help With English

We also have options for you to practice your English skill by being our guest at ConversationStation.  ConversationStation is meant to be fun, lively, and relaxing!   YOU choose the topics to discuss, whether they be sports or politics or school or your own country or the beautiful weather in San Diego! Come and be part of the fun, have a snack and coffee, and converse with others from all over the world. We also invite you to facilitate a session yourself, allowing you to develop a very valuable skill that will come in handy in  your professional life!

For those of you who may need more individualized help with English reading, writing, presenting, speaking, etc., consider taking advantage of FocusEnglish. Our trained professionals will work with you to help you with specific trouble spots and issues you are having, leaving you with more confidence and knowledge.


Career Services

Your education doesn’t end once you graduate!   Take advantage of our workshops and counseling to help get you headed in the right direction for OPT, internship, career choices after graduation, networking, or just plain preparation for life.    Check us out at the Office of Career Services.


In line with our mission and focus, we offer a variety of events and opportunities to maximize your experience in the United States.   These might include an invitation to hear someone lecture on an interesting topic, or participate in a unique event taking place in the city, or volunteering with an organization that you are passionate about. Please check your student email often, to be kept in the loop of what’s going on!    There’s no end to experiential learning at CIBU!

Once again, Welcome!