Non-Degree/Non-Credit Courses

CIBU is proud to offer innovative
non-degree/non-credit courses

We know that a degree program is not for everyone. Maybe you are still deciding between several interests, and you want a little more experience before you commit the time and energy to a degree. Or perhaps you really want to hone your English skills so studying for your degree will go a bit more smoothly. Whatever your reasons, we have a course for you.

We currently offer: Business Fundamentals & Skills (BFS).

Business Fundamentals and Skills is geared towards those who are looking for:

  • A shorter program requiring less of a commitment of time and resources
  • A comprehensive understanding of general business to supplement a technical degree
  • Knowledge of the American approach towards business
  • An opportunity to build confidence in English skills

CIBU also offers special Learning Experiences & Educational Tours. These tours are created specifically for the needs of our in house students and for groups of students from universities around the world.