Academic Programs

The Best of Two Worlds

Let’s face it, school is great –the socializing, the networking, the exploring- but when you graduate, you want to be ready to jump right into your own business –or a high paying and rewarding position.  You demand the skills and experiences necessary to excel at what you plan to do. Our Academic Programs provide just that.

At CIBU, we combine the best of two worlds: An international American degree taught in the special Scandinavian way. With this dynamic mix of academics and teaching styles, our degrees and programs prepare you to successfully operate in the international work environment.

We’re a Community!

Our classes are small, personalized and designed to give you the tailored attention you deserve.  We are not-for-profit, small and agile.  You learn from and network with entrepreneurs and business leaders whose experience and wisdom is shared through contemporary,  practical and project based curriculum.

We’re Global!

While some schools focus on traditional campuses with expansive lawns or ivy-covered walls, our campus is the world. We have campuses in the U.S., China, Vietnam, Myanmar, Denmark and a growing number of other countries where we want to offer our students the opportunity to seamlessly move from one school setting to another, studying abroad in multiple nations, hassle-free and in English.

In short, we offer degree programs at the Bachelors and Masters levels, and special tailor made non-degree/non-credit courses to meet the diverse educational needs and professional goals of students and companies all over the world.

We’re the future!

CIBU offers a cutting edge, global business education educating future entrepreneurs, corporate managers and those interested in a hands-on approach to business education. The CIBU learning experience blends theoretical and practical learning in a professional and entrepreneurial environment.