Mission, Vision & Goals

We take education seriously

It’s not enough in today’s world just to build a school and hire teachers.  Having piles of text books and top-notch technology alone won’t cut it.  Leading the way in international business means having a mission, the vision and the dedication to follow through on your goals – to make your words come to life.  We at CIBU are committed to our mission and to all those who study with us.


At CIBU we are ambitiously and constantly dedicated to developing and offering relevant education programs that:

  • Ensure the right competences for the corporate world
  • Optimize the possibilities of the individual

That is CIBU’s contribution to American and foreign competitiveness.


It is CIBU’s vision to be the most international and innovative business university in California – renowned for our faculty and staff – to professionally optimize and facilitate the learning process of our students.

Learn more about our mission and vision here.

Supporting Objectives

The objectives are based on responding to the mission and other challenges. The University shall pursue the following objectives to sustain and strengthen our position as a leading international private business university:

  • Having a world-class education
  • Having attractive educational programs, suitable for everyone
  • Remain the preferred partner of the corporate world
  • Being an exciting, stimulating and attractive workplace
  • Running an effective institution


  • develop an internal climate of diverse students promoting an international understanding of transnational organizations and entrepreneurship;
  • provide an ongoing assessment of student learning by using key performance indicators and data to guide the improvement of academic programs;
  • prepare students across all programs to effectively engage in organization assessment and problem solving specific to transnational and global organizations.