Diversity Statement

Diversity Statement

At California International Business University (CIBU), we aim to create a climate for intellectual and scholarly growth. Diversity and inclusion are the keys to ensuring that we offer a business education of the highest caliber. (CIBU) is committed to diversity in all its dimensions, including a diverse representation at the university, a diverse community of viewpoints and backgrounds, and an acceptance of the complex identities within all individuals affiliated with the university.

CIBU believes that our institution will be stronger as a result of a diverse population of students, faculty, staff, and board members. CIBU values all individuals who seek to participate and improve on our higher education community regardless of national origin, gender, age, socioeconomic class, ethnicity, religious belief, sexual orientation, and disability.

CIBU cherishes the varying cultures and perspectives that arise out of a diverse community of educators and students. An important aspect of our focus on diversity is to allow for respect and understanding to occur in and out of our classroom for all individuals.



CIBU continually seeks to foster a community that is accepting and encouraging of the identities of individuals and of groups. CIBU supports associations at the university that focus on a specific affiliation, while also encouraging persons to understand their own individual place in our diverse world. In addition, CIBU will provide resources and space for distinctive projects that further our diversity goals and our shared interests and ideals.

CIBU must be focused on maintaining a diverse university in all respects. CIBU’s mission is to ensure the right competences for the corporate world and to optimize the possibilities for the individual. In order for our students to have the right competences for the global marketplace, they must be familiar and accepting of different cultures, perspectives, and identities. Further, in order for the student to optimize the possibilities within themselves, they must be able to challenge their previous held beliefs and conceptions. It is this capability and character that will allow CIBU and its graduates to contribute to American and foreign competitiveness.