Mission: World Class Education

Universities like to tout their past, and we’ll get to that, but first let’s talk about the future –specifically you’re future. The bottom line is, the world your parents (and for that matter most teachers) grew-up in, just isn’t the same world anymore. The jobs they learned to train for either no longer exist, or exist in radically different forms. Today’s world is global and growing ever more so everyday.

Twenty years from now you don’t want to be old news; you want to be cutting edge. That is what California International Business University (CIBU) is all about. We don’t advocate ignoring the past; it’s the foundation upon which today’s exciting business enterprises are built. But you need to know how to use it to spring-forward and shine in our ever-changing global world. That’s where CIBU excels.

A school of commerce that provide education for young, self-made entrepreneurs like you.

We are not bystanders. We act with clear purpose. We listen to the educational needs of companies and society. Our name is associated with innovation and pioneering – a label we constantly seek to live up to as a business university by being on the forefront on so many levels.

We take moon shots, we think big and we truly believe that big dreams, strong collaboration and powerful tools create an unstoppable force for good.

We are a community of inclusion, collaboration and deep connection in which every individual is integral to succes. Join us – become a CIBU student!